Six Foolish Fishermen by Robert D. San Souci – Review and Giveaway

This picture book, illustrated by Doug Kennedy and originally published by Hyperion in 2000, has been re-released by Pelican Publishing this September. Robert San Souci has a ton of stories in and around the children’s book world and he often brings his pen down the bayou to concentrate on south Louisiana culture in his subject matter. His stories are staples in our libraries locally.

Six Foolish Fishermen is an example of a “Noodlehead” story. These stories appear in all types of literary traditions and are probably most well known as the “Foolish Jack” stories. In a noodlehead story, the main characters seem to lack even a modicum of common sense yet they somehow manage to come out on top. The noodlehead story is not written to demean any particular person, rather, it allows us to laugh at ourselves and the weaknesses we all share.

San Souci’s version (a take on “The Seven Foolish Fishermen” folktale) is ripe with Cajun dialect, vocabulary, and altered sentence structure – which may turn some readers off – but it provides a good opening into discussion of the Cajun culture. The six fishermen run into several predicaments they try to solve in the most absurd ways, until Henriette comes along and straightens them all out. It is laugh out loud funny. (more…)

Storytelling Down South

I recently returned from a great day of storytelling in Lucedale, Mississippi. I had a great time with the kids as we cooked up some Gator Tooth Gumbo. Later in the day I spoke with some aspiring young (and not so young) authors and shared my own writing journey with them.

It was a great pleasure to spend some time there. Thanks so much to Becky Wheeler and her staff at the Lucedale branch of the Jackson-George Regional Library system for having me. Your hospitality reminded my why I love living in the south.

Special shout-outs go to Aunt Susie and Uncle ID for  hosting me while I was there. I LOVE the chickens!