Losing and Finding your Muse

My how time flies! Apparently, while I was snoozing à la Rip Van Winkle, four years have passed me by. That’s an eternity in the world of writing – or almost any other field these days. I don’t really know why I stopped reviewing and writing but I definitely lost my desire for quite some time.

What made me dust off my old blog? I can’t be quite sure but the creative rumblings have been stirring from somewhere deep within as of late. I have realized a couple of things during my hiatus: I am not interested in promotion – that’s a tough thing if you want to be a commercially successful writer. I’ve come to terms with it though, and realize I must be happy even if my creations reach an audience of only one. My interests have changed somewhat, so I am expanding my vision as a writer. I love children’s literature but I have a hankering to try my hand at stuff for grownups.

So, where will tomorrow take me? I’m not sure but I’ll do my best to keep you posted.

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